Filip Dobritchcov is born 1933 in Bulgaria. He was involved in the luthier art since 1952, and devoted it all his power and skills. In his works is well seen a pursuit for more and more perfect maxim in stile, finesse, sounding, beauty, and tonal power. From the year 2002 he has being teaching all of his knowledge about the finest details of the violin, and most importantly about the beauty and the tonal power, to his apprentice Filip Genov, which is his grandson. He is born 1985 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Filip Genov has graduated the National High School of Musical and Dance Art “Dobrin Petkov” as a violinist and the European College of Economics and Management in Plovdiv. Since 2012 he is member of the Regional Luthier Association in Kazanlak. Among their work are wonderful instruments played by renowned musicians from Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, etc., and of course from Bulgaria.


  • Participating in competitions Maestro Dobritchcov achieved:

    1969 on the National Competition - I Prix and Laureate Degree for making a violin;

    1983 Kasl (Germany) on Interenational Luthier Competition - Diplom for making a violin;

    1983 Sofia International Luthier Competition - I Prix, Gold Medal, and Laureate Degree in both categories sound and aesthetics for making a violin.


    The master luthier Filip Dobritchcov has huge professional experience and magic touch in design and sounding, as during making new instruments, as in restoration of instruments with great antique value.

    In the workshop, where 3rd generation luthiers in the family is apprenticing the art of violin making, with good success copies of beautiful ancient instruments are producing. Offered is also a very felicitous combination of violin and viola in shape of combined very attractive five strings instrument. The new instruments here are made accordingly to developed by Maestro Filip Dobritchcov own model, but with a great accuracy the old Italian renowned masters models are also applied.


    The varnish of the instruments most often is brown-orange, with beautifully interchanging nuances, intense colors, great depth and transparence of the coating. Nearly all the technological process of violin making is hand made.

    Once got in the tender embrace of a talented musician, the instrument after many years of hard work and self-denial will reveal all its qualities. As "talented" is an instrument, as whimsical is its soul, responding to slightest touch of the ball to the pulsing body of the instrument. To achieve amazing results, the instrument and the musician should achieve perfect balance, to become a harmonic unity on the stage. Isn't it the violin creature of flesh and soul, which attracts the audience every time appearing on the stage with its master for sharing his emotions and thoughts in a love duet.

    The workshop develops and masters techniques for repair and restoration of violins, violas,cellos and double bass. Respecting the unique characteristics and historical value of the instruments it brings back their functionality and richness.

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  • The essence for classical bow instruments making is the resonant wood material - mountain maple and spruce. Maple with refracting the vertical flaming stripes (flames) coming alive under the light and the best acoustical material - spruce with straight middle width grains, ringing like a bell.

    For such material special care is taken during selection, cutting, and seasoning. The same are the principles in the Filip Dobritchcov's master workshop, also. Through the years a wide range ot top quality attractive maple and spruce material with excellent constructive, acoustic, and aesthetic characteristics was collected. It was selected only from woods grown above 1300 m (4300 feet) altitude in the mountains of Bulgaria - in the heart of the Balkans (the same region preferred by the old Italian master luthiers).


    The artificial seasoning by thermo-electrical drying and edging of the wood is absolutely forbidden in the Filip Dobritchcov's workshop. A great care is taken to follow strictly the ancient tradition in violin, viola, and cello making using air-drying for many years material. Presently in the Filip Dobritchcov's workshop is used wood naturally seasoned for over 20 years, while the tradition requires just 7 to 12 years seasonig.

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